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Membership Application

Membership Application

Please read the following information, prior to clicking on the application button .

Owing to Firearm Laws, you cannot simply turn up and hire a firearm in the United Kingdom. You need to be a member of a Home Office Approved Club.
Your interest to do Target Shooting will require you to complete an application form to become a member of Marylebone Rifle & Pistol Club. The application process will include gathering personal details, and using these to perform a police check. Once these checks have been completed you will be required to attend an induction session, thereafter you will be classed as a Probationary Member which will last no less than 6 months. During this time, you will be evaluated on your knowledge and handling of firearms, which will typically result in a formal assessment near the end of your probationary period.
Once you have passed the Probationary period you will be classed as a Full Member and will have access to all your Club’s Member benefits.

The membership application form is broken down in sections

  1. Personal Information
  2. Employment\Company Information
  3. Other Information
  4. Attach Key Documents
  5. References
  6. Additional Information
  7. Agreement

Please be aware of the following in the form

  • If you see an asterisk (*), this means the field is mandatory and has to be completed.
  • If you see an refers to more information. Simply move the mouse over the image and you will see information to aid you in completing the application form.  

Section 4 - Attach key documents

There three documents that need to be attached.

  • Photo - Passport Size
  • Personal identification document. (Use the for more information)
  • Proof of residence document. (Use the for more information)

Things that will stop you submitting the form

  • Not completing mandatory areas
  • Not answering Yes\No questions
  • Not agreeing to the form
  • Getting the CHECK Word wrong, you need to try again with a new word.

Please note, that you will receive a confirmation & a copy of your completed membership application via email. Ensure you check your Spam box, if you do not see the email in your Inbox.

There is a Joining Fee of £50.00 and a further £75.00 to become a Probationary member which covers you for 3 months.  
Once you are all ready to proceed, click on the membership application form button.

When you have finished completing the membership application form, once you click submit you will be taken to a Section 21 Declaration Form which also needs to be completed.
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