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About Us

About Us

Marylebone Rifle & Pistol Club is a Home Office approved club and is situated in the City of London. The Club also has accommodation at Bisley in the heart of the Surrey countryside.

Our City of London facilities include:-
  • A 10 metre airgun range with auto-target changers.
  • An air-conditioned, six firing point, 25 metre range. The range is approved for smallbore and fullbore calibres.
  • Club rifles, both small-bore (.22 rimfire) and centre-fire are available for use by full and probationary members.
  • We are now Section 7.3 (Historic Firearms) approved facility.
  • An armoury with secure storage for full members' firearms.
  • A spacious clubroom with free WiFi where a range of drinks and snacks can be purchased.
  • Full accessibility for disabled shooters.

    Opening Times
    • Monday - 5pm - 8:00pm
    • Wednesday - 5pm - 9:00pm
    • Friday - Precision 2pm - 6:45pm and Turning Targets 7pm onwards.
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    Bisley NRA - DUKKA Hut

    The Dukka Hut is our clubhouse at Bisley and has showers, toilets and kitchen along with a large dining area and outside verandah seating which is very popular in the summer.

    We hire bays on the Melville range at Bisley for shooting at distances up to 50 metres with gallery rifle, long-barrelled revolver and muzzle-loading pistol. For higher power rifles, muzzle-loading rifles and black powder cartridge rifles, we hire targets for shooting at distances from 100 to 1,000 yards. From March to November we usually have one gallery rifle/muzzle-loading pistol and one full-bore rifle shoot per month.

    • We also have occasional bookings on the Running Boar and Deer ranges but these are usually mid-week owing to the high demand for their use at weekends by the British Sporting Rifle Club who own the range.

    • At the end of the year, we have a Christmas shoot which consists of a fun competition in the morning and a Christmas meal in the Dukka Hut in the afternoon.

    • The club is affiliated to the National Rifle Association (NRA), the British Sporting Rifle Club (BSRC) and the Surrey Rifle Association (SRA).
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    Marylebone Rifle & Pistol Club is an active and competitive club, offering members opportunities to compete with fellow club members, using our "Standard Ratings". These Ratings cover over 113 different disciplines using a wide variety of Firearms. The Club also has an annual "Trophy Challenge" which members compete for at the same time as gaining annual "Ratings Medals".

    • Trophies and Rating Medals are awarded annually at our Annual General Meeting.

    • Marylebone Rifle & Pistol Club participate in several national competitions, namely "The Phoenix", which takes place at Bisley during the May Bank Holiday and "The Imperial" a five day Gallery Rifle competition also taking place at Bisley, in July. Both events attract thousands of visitors each year, and in the last few years, Marylebone Rifle & Pistol Club have taken away several trophies and awards.
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